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Bent On Learning partners with New York City schools to provide yoga as a core subject for students in grades pre-K through 12 to make moving, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques a regular part of students’ school day and learning experience. Through yoga, students learn to release stress, manage emotions and control impulses, leaving them with greater mental space for understanding new concepts, solving problems and thinking creatively.   Our curriculum addresses the whole child and develops physical, social and emotional intelligence in  students.

Our mission is to improve the overall health and learning ability of inner city youth

Please review our Program Requirements (attached in email) before completing our New School Application.

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To ensure positive impact on students and the school environment, we recommend that new schools begin with a minimum of 3 yoga classes/week for one semester (10-15 weeks) and to collaborate with BOL to grow the program each year over a 3 year period.

How many weekly classes are you requesting? *

Is your school open to creating a program with a minimum of 3-6 yoga classes per week? *

Is your school open to growing your yoga program every year for at least 3 years? *

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